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While reflecting on the recent passing of a Musical Legend, Whitney Houston, I am forced to reflect on my own life. Death brings about the truth of our own mortality. In that, we are reminded of our beginning and caused to think about our own end.  In the words of T.D. Jakes “Death is certain, but love is stronger than death”.

For people of Faith, God is Love, but for those who don’t believe, love still exists. For me,  as I watched  Whitney Houston bring the World to Church, I am reminded of the Great Commission. While she loved the Lord so deeply and her Faith in God was the foundation of her very being, she was human and subjected to human error. Her love for God was obvious, but it was clouded by so much of everything else. But in her passing, she brought thousands, maybe even millions to Christ in one single day.

It takes me back over the years.  My childhood was raped, my innocence was tarnished, my heart was poisoned and life happened day by day. Love lied to me, trust abandoned me, and peace was a distant dream.

Marriage imprisoned me, childbirth validated me, and family was a visod. What seemed to be was not, but still remained my Faith in God.

My health wavered, my soul was a black hole, my mind was haunted by demons. My vision was a mirage, showing films of fantasies and my dreams were an awakened nightmare.

And if this was my life, a simple  woman of faith, then I can only imagine Whitney’s life.  Mine was as real as hers and yours and theirs. We all have a tale that seems derived and coerced, but when life happens, it is a story that only one author can interpret, God Himself.

I am breaking my silence for the years I spent mute. Watching human nature try to pry me from the Love of God. I have started to speak so many times,  but shame held my tongue. I realize that my silence may be deadly and to allow death to sting me day by day, infecting my soul with fear would be a disservice to everyone I love.

To the man that hated me so and snatched up my children and to the one that strangled my neck until I was lifeless. To the mother that ‘did her best’ and the brother who changed my life forever, and the guy who never thought I was good enough, I thank you all for teaching me the importance of God’s Love.

While I am reflecting, I just have to thank some people who have told me that I was good enough. Ms. Gladies Hamilton who showed this “Little Black Girl from Ohio” the passion and purpose in singing. When I lost my voice due to pregnancy, she coached me back in good health and she discovered the true Worshiper in me and nurtured the gift, the spiritual discernment and the joy in singing.

To Ron and Raymond, the pair of you helped to make Worship real because of your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Being a minstrel, with the ability to invoke God’s presence through the keys was the experience that sealed my love for Praise and Worship. My time in NOLA at GCF was certainly the foundation of my worship experience. I was free to sing when I was there. To Mark, when you played, I could sing for hours. The anointing that presided over your ears, heart and soul, manifested through your hands. In all my life, I can attest to the fact that True  Worship saved my life.

But in the beginning was a woman named Barbara Rainey who chose me to sing in Fanfare. She discovered an already broken child, a new teen with a song.  I will never forget standing in front of a piano and auditioning for a Nationally Acclaimed Chorus nor will I ever forget the years she spent carefully unwrapping my gift.

People may not know of her in this way, but she indeed was more than a High School Music Teacher. This woman loved me, and she loved her work. She enjoyed music and was passionate about teaching it to her students. She even took those who wanted to sing but had little or no vocal control and she brought out the very best in them, teaching the skills that would cause them to know and love music in a deeper way.

She put me in a practice room with a tape player and sheet music. She believed enough in me that when I would resurface from there, I would know a song and be ready to perform it. There was confidence in the unknown for me, but for her, she trusted me with music. She trusted in my ability to learn, perfect and perform.  She had faith in me when I didn’t even understand it, but her persistence and her nurturing caused me to love the person she is beyond the confines of a school. If she never chose me, I would have never believed…

Though I was poor, she did not omit me from participating and while I was misguided, she held onto me until I had grown enough. Thank you is not a one time honor for her contributions to my life. While she is yet with us, I have to say thank you again.

To the man that also chose me, and kept me, I thank you. Because you love me, I believe that love is possible.

To all of my children. You are the song that stirs my very soul. My joys and concerns have been entangled in prayers for your well being. My soul cries for you and over you because you are mine. My heart leaps with anticipation for the greatness I see in you all. And to know that in some way, music, too, has become a part of your lives, I am blessed to know that God’s love is again manifested within you. And His love is perfect.

When I think about music, I think about God and how His love for me was a banner that waved high in the cloudless sky for me.  And seeing the pang of death nearly choke the breath from remaining loved ones time and again,  the love of God prevails as greater than that.